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Welcome to the Department of Microbiology, Stamford University Bangladesh. It’s started its journey in 2004 founded by the honorable Ex-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. M. Majibur Rahman. Microbiology is the study of the biology of microscopic organisms - viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, slime molds, and protozoa. The program also includes a wide range of techniques of genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, ecology, and pathology to study the biology of microorganisms from gene expression at the molecular level to the composition of populations of microorganisms. Exciting discoveries involving microorganisms have important and far reaching implications for biotechnology, molecular biology, medicine, public health and the environment. At present, studying microbiology offers bright prospect worldwide.

The department brought academic excellence offering education in microbiology around the nation making innovative changes in academics, students, logistics and potential teaching staff. Currently 10 qualified full time faculty members are working here. We also invite part time faculty from University of Dhaka and from different research organizations to conduct several specialized course of B. Sc. (Hons.) and MS programs. The students get to learn here in an interactive manner with the study materials that are updated with time. The Department strictly follow the vision of excellence of Stamford University Bangladesh: “Moving teaching excellence from good to great”, which can be achieved through disseminating the teaching philosophy, plan and proper guides. Gaining the insight of academics, teaching ethics and attitude is also necessary to bring out the best within the students and make them globally competent.

Department of Microbiology offers a 4 year B. Sc. (Hons.) degree consists of a total of 146 credits. The program aims to give the basic and detailed knowledge and understanding of important aspects of microbiology as currently applied in industry, food, health and medical sciences, in the environmental management, in biotechnology as well as in basic and primary research.

Department of Microbiology also offers a full-time one year MS degree in Microbiology. A 4-year B. Sc. (Hons.) degree in Microbiology or an equivalent degree will be required as an entry qualification for students intending to study for MS degree.

Stamford University Bangladesh has been providing students with well-furnished & air-conditioned classrooms for which are specious enough for students and equipped with multimedia.

The Department has two laboratories designated as Microbiology Laboratory-I and -II (MS Laboratory). Both the laboratories are equipped with adequate necessary machineries equipment and well-furnished to conduct laboratory classes and carry out basic microbiological researches. Various research have been conducted by the B. Sc. (Hons.)  final year students and the MS students under the supervision of the experienced faculty members. Major research fields include: (1) food and pharmaceutical microbiology, (2) stress responses in bacteria and   yeasts, (3) environmental microbiology, (4) microbial drug resistance, (5) clinical microbiology, etc.The Department arranges workshop and seminar for existing teachers as well as students and for organizational development at a regular interval to upgrade them with new thinking phenomena and share their perspectives regarding particular projects.


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