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Physical Facilities


Stamford University Bangladesh has been providing students with well-furnished & air-conditioned classrooms for better environment in the classrooms. All classrooms are specious enough for students to take part in the classes comfortably and smoothly. Certainly the environment in the classrooms will be influencing and encouraging for the students to acquire knowledge, which will lead them to be better professionals.Presently, the Department of Microbiology has only one departmental classroom and can utilize two other classrooms of other departments. All the classrooms are equipped with multimedia projector, computer facility, large white boards etc.


Library Facilities

Stamford University has three rich and modern libraries (One each for BBA, Pharmacy and Science & Arts faculties) in the Siddeswari campus with modern facilities for students. Library is providing its services efficiently as much as possible to students' satisfaction. The University library has various departmental books are displayed in separate corner. The library is rich in collecting multi- disciplinary study materials which are arranged in categories like chemistry, environmental, genetics, agricultural, food microbiology, medical microbiology, metabolism, biotechnology, fermentation and industrial technology etc. This room is often used for performing students’ group work. The students and faculty members can easily use library facility by using card. Various books (A total of 1279 for Microbiology) and journals are racked according to the department in the library of Stamford University Bangladesh. Library follows the LMS (Library Management System) software for management. All registered students, faculty members and officers entitled to become library member. Faculty members and officers may borrow books using their library card. Faculty/ student members may borrow reference books, reserved books, journals and periodicals to make photocopy from outside for a period of one hours only depositing valid ID Card. The members are responsible for safe keeping of the resources borrowed and their return on time.


Laboratory Facilities

Department of Microbiology, Stamford University Bangladesh has two laboratories designated as Microbiology Laboratory-I and -II (MS Laboratory). Both the laboratories are equipped with adequate necessary machineries such as three laminar air flows, three pieces of autoclaves, two dry heat sterilizers, six incubators (maintained at different temperatures), three centrifuge machines, four water baths, two vortex mixers, three electric balance machines, three refrigerators, etc. and well-furnished to conduct laboratory classes and carry out basic microbiological researches. The overall management of the laboratories is directly supervised by the Departmental Head in coordination with other faculty members and laboratory personnel. Microbiology Laboratory I is dedicated for the conductance of laboratory classes (in average of 16 laboratory courses and 80 classes per trimester) and research work of B. Sc. (Hons.) students. Whereas, students of MS program carry out their research project work in Microbiology Laboratory-II. Various researches have been being conducted by the B. Sc. (Hons.)  final year students and the MS students under the supervision of the faculty members. Major research fields include: (1) food and pharmaceutical microbiology, (2) stress responses in bacteria and   yeasts, (3) environmental microbiology, (4) microbial drug resistance, (5) clinical microbiology, etc.


Medical Facilities

Stamford University Bangladesh has a well orrganized medical centers in both Siddeswari campus and Dhanmondi campus with two medical professional in?charge (full-time) for the University. The department stakeholders take the medical facility from the full time physician with regular first aid and emergency medicines as well as ambulance service for students, teachers and employees in case of any emergency. Fast Aid facilities for emergency treatment are available in the Department.


Other Facilities


For study and for students, proper educational environment is essential. Stamford University Bangladesh is committed to proving proper educational environment. That is why Stamford has declared its campuses free of student politics and smoking. Student politics is strictly prohibited here. Certainly this creates a congenial atmosphere for students to seek and achieve knowledge in different programs. Stamford has a large and green campus at Siddeswari, Dhaka which is also supportive of educational atmosphere.


Internet Facilities

Faculty rooms, offices, classrooms and laboratory have the internet access. Students of the Department are facilitated with Internet services in the online lab of the university. Students are also facilitated with personalized web-based E-mail account in University’s own domain, Wireless internet connection is available.


Transport Facilities

Regular transport facilities are available for teachers and staff for inter-campus communication.


Sports and Physical Exercise Facilities

Stamford University Bangladesh has a mini playground at the Siddeswari campus where students are used to play cricket and football regularly. Students of Department of Microbiology are participating cricket and football tournament arranged by university or other departments. They also organizes intra-department recreational cricket tournament among them or with ex-students. There is no gymnasium in Stamford University Bangladesh, However, there is some equipment available besides play ground in Siddeswari campus for free hand exercise.

Stamford has cafeteria at both the campus but there is a lack of nutritious and safe food. Siddeshwari campus has an auditorium where cultural programs, seminar and workshop can be arranged.Clean and hygienic toilets and washrooms for male and female students are adequate.


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