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Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the Department of Microbiology at Stamford University Bangladesh. We are one of the leading pioneer department offering to study B. Sc. (Hons.) and MS in Microbiology program among all the private universities in Bangladesh. I am honored to serve as head of the Department with very dynamic group of faculty members who are accelerating our academic excellence through conducting several research on antimicrobial/heavy metal resistance, alternative approaches to combat drug resistance, novel enzyme discovery, bioremediation approaches for addressing environmental pollution problem along with research on food and clinical microbiology. Department not only aims research on complex scientific problems, but also training the next generation of talented young students so that they can lead our society as well as our nation in future. Our faculty provide outstanding mentoring to enable students learn how to identify and handle critical research problems. Our departmental moto is to build “Skillful generation with good sense of humor”.

As you browse through the departmental website, I hope that you sense the excitement of our faculty and students for their research and their enthusiasm for science. Come and join us to get the essence of the up to dated microbiological research in the 21st century !

Md. Aftab Uddin
Assistant Professor and Chairman
Department of Microbiology
Stamford University Bangladesh


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