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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To achieve academic excellence and professional aptitude of international repute in all aspects of Microbiology teaching, research and community service to ensure national development through offering advanced and innovative research. Will provide leading edge education, innovative research and expertise in Applied Microbiology for Sustainable Development



  • To impart quality technical and scientific education in various microbiological branches
  • To motivate the students for research-oriented critical thinking with a focus on enrichment of teaching-learning experience
  • To prepare the students for facing intellectual and ethical career challenges in various microbiology related areas
  • To promote the competency of lifelong and independent learning
  • To encourage the students to contribute in scientific progress for socio-economic development of the country.
  • To serve the communities of our world, nation and university by advancing understanding of living organisms and their interactions with the environment through research
  • To provide high-quality biology education with an emphasis on experiential learning and problem solving
  • To equip learners with necessary skills and groom them to be good citizens through educational outreach activities for learners of all ages.


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